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Price Rise Campaign

Motion Graphics / Marketing Design

Uswitch is a UK-based price comparison service and switching website that allows consumers to compare prices for a range of energy, personal finance, insurance, and communications services.

Many broadband and mobile providers increase mid-contract prices in April 2023 due to the rising inflation rate. To help customers save money and avoid sudden price increases, Uswitch aims to raise awareness among customers before April and allow them to act quickly by switching to providers who don't increase prices mid-contract, and continue to provide deals options after April for those who didn’t switch in time.

  • Lead the campaign with paid ads, as they are one of the first touchpoints in the user journey.
  • Create a series of paid social ads on Facebook, as well as paid video ads on YouTube, showcasing two sets of messaging themes: one before and one after the April price increase.
  • Emphasise the importance of the matter in the design with the end goal of driving conversions to Uswitch.

  • £23k GP, + 1.1M impressions, 5.2k clicks, £10k spend
  •  Creatives favoured by Facebook which put the most spend behind it

  • 2.1M impressions, 256k full video views, 7.5k clicks, £5k spend 
  • 35% of plays resulted in a full video view (vs ~25% average)

Price Rise Paid YouTube Video
As part of the brand's visual identity evolution, I created a hand-drawn marking element to be used around headline messages. This emphasises key information and adds a human touch to the Uswitch brand. In the price rise campaign, I chose pink on black as the main colour palette since it's a serious topic. All designs were executed cohesively in marketing designs and on the product to convey the message of "Uswitch is here to help.”

Post Price Rise Paid YouTube Video The "Post Price Rise" video follows the same design approach as the "Price Rise" video, but with a less serious tone. The messaging has been shifted to focus on savings figures, and the overall mood of the footage is more upbeat.