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3D Character Design
Persona story
René is a dedicated ballerina who is focused on reaching her potential. She is currently in her 20s and is exploring new experiences to better understand herself. Despite a busy dance practice schedule, René always finds time for her beloved pet goldfish, a birthday gift from her mother. She has a strong work ethic and continuously seeks ways to challenge herself and improve her technique. In addition to dance, René enjoys reading books on dance theory and history, attending performances by other dance companies, and experimenting with new styles of dance. Her commitment to her craft is admirable, and she has a promising future as a professional ballerina.

Design 1.0: Original Sketch I designed the basic profile of the character, including thier name, gender, and age. Additionally, I expanded upon their interests, occupation, and lifestyle.

Design 2.0: Scene Design
I enhanced the character's facial features, clothing, and hairstyle to achieve a more artistic and edgy appearance that better suits the character's personality.