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Unboxing Videos

Motion Graphics / Video Editting

Huawei is a multinational technology corporation that designs, develops, manufactures and sells telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, smart devices and various rooftop solar products.

Unboxing videos are the main deliverables that we create and supply to other WEU markets when a new product launches. I was responsible for enhancing and editing raw footage, as well as designing motion graphics, including opening and ending titles for the videos.

  • The footage is limited and of less than ideal quality.
  • Unboxing videos should showcase the key selling points of the product.

  • Perform post-production work in AfterEffects, such as color correction and background cable removal.
  • Work closely with product managers during the storyboarding and review phase to utilise footage to the fullest and incorporate motion graphics to highlight key selling points of the product.

Huawei Watch GT Runner Unboxing Video

Huawei Matebook 14S Unboxing Video

Huawei MateView Unboxing Video